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About us

We always aim to bring our customers not only the highest quality products possible, but timepieces that are unique and that can make you just feeling proud wearing them.

To further this philosophy, the obvious choice was LÜM-TEC. With a wide variety of watches, but a limited number of each, LÜM-TEC serves to cater to the needs of several types of watch connoisseurs, based on their own unique ideas, as well as feedback from customers the world over. The MDV (maximum darkness visibility) technology is only the beginning.


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  • MDV Technology

    Each LÜM-TEC watch features the patented MDV Technology."Maximum Darkness Visibility" This is a special 6-8 layer application of Super-LumiNova applied over a chemical coated white base, causing an incredibly bright luminescent light charge. MDV hands and dials are extremely visible in all light conditions.

President of the LÜM-TEC company Mr. Wiegand says:

"Our Company brings features and quality normally not thought possible without spending thousands of dollars. We have been in business making custom and limited edition watches, creating unique designs, and pioneering new luminous technologies to apply to wristwatches. At LÜM-TEC, we study the features most serious watch collectors look for in a watch, and we include them in each watch we design. It all starts with our quality standards, and then we go on to the rest of the design painstakingly enhancing every possible detail."

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