Monday, 11 May 2020 / Published in LÜM-TEC news

Kick around, go anywhere tool watches are my jam! They fit right into my wheel house. Here’s one that seems to be built for that purpose. Even the name seems rugged with a whole bunch of numbers and hyphens, it rolls off the tongue about as well as if you were reading a serial number off a Mossberg shotgun…. more like explodes out of the mouth rather than rolls off the tongue … read more on

Monday, 11 May 2020 / Published in LÜM-TEC news

Its now been a few years since LUM-TEC has been around, and around that time is when Chris and his team caught our attention with their great work. Amazing watches, great quality, and unbeatable support, all for a great price. For the past few years LUM-TEC has partnered with Secret Entourage to bring you some amazing Secret Entourage versions of some of the most popular LUM-TEC models. Make no mistake that 2013 will be no exception. Keep reading for a review of the new V4 model and a coupon worth 10% off… … read more on

Saturday, 09 May 2020 / Published in LÜM-TEC news

I have long been a fan of Lum-tec watches and I have shared that here many times. Their latest model, the Combat Field X1 might rank at the top if not be the definitive Lum-tec for me to date. The X1 at first glance might look like  other Combat models from Lum-tec, but is actually a modernized version of a field or trench watch. I love when a brand can think outside the box and bring us something familiar while still putting their own twist on it. While the price is up there at $895, the Combat Field X1 uses a Sellita SW200 automatic movement and nothing for this watch was off the shelf. Couple that with being assembled and tested in Ohio, and you can see where the price comes from … read more on


Wednesday, 19 June 2019 / Published in LÜM-TEC news