LÜM-TEC Europe ​= ​section for dealers/retailers. ​

Interested in LÜM-TEC retail sale? Send us an E-mail enquiry at: info@lum-tec.eu or call our office +421 918 494 652.

K&B time is a  company based in Slovakia - member of the European Union familly.

The main goal of our bussiness is to meet expectations that every customer will be come satisfied with our services and with the products we offer. We would love to raise up network of serious and reliable retailers all across the Europe.

We are determined to combine honest and helpful dealings with outstanding service before, during, and after the sale.Our success is based upon the ongoing relationships with the customers and retailers!

Shipping services:
Estimated Shipping Rates
Europe 10 €
World 33 €
INSURANCE including
Estimate delivery times Europe
Zone / Area Countries (working days)
1. Zone Hungary (2), Austria, Czech Republic (2), Slovenia, Romania (2-4)
2. Zone Poland, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg (3), Lichtenstein (3), Bulgaria (3-4), Switzerland (4-5)
3. Zone Denmark (3), San Marino, Vatican, Italy, France (3-4), Monaco (4), United Kingdom (3-5), Ireland (4-5)
4. Zone Greece (4-7), Spain (3-7), Andorra (4), Gibraltar, Portugal (5), Sweden (3-5), Norway (4-5), Finland (4-6), Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Cypress, Malta (6-7), Turkey (5-8)
5. Zone Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Monte Negro (3), Albania, Macedonia (4)
DHL EUROPE 48 hours
EMS World Express 1-10 days