Create your custom project! We will support you all along the way...

LÜM-TEC ® takes watch manufacturing and design to a personal level. We freely communicate with our customers through email, phone, and on web forums daily about design input, suggestions, and any way to constantly improve our business and final product.

For many years LÜM-TEC has built up a very well respected reputation for having one of the top reluming services in the world. From 2006 we also supply custom made movements, custom components, modifications, luminous compounds, rare parts, and full custom built luxury watches in precious metals We expanded into OEM/ODM/private label production and have been quite successful in making and supplying watches and components for many other brands.

If you have an idea and wish to bring it into life or just looking for some custom project for your company, we accept 50+ pc. orders on custom series! It is really easy. After all specifications are clear, we just ask for 10% of the total sum of the custom project. Production period usually takes 5 months but can extend due to the specifications...