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LÜM-TEC EUROPE:: (13.05.2016 06:42 )
Dear David, thank you for contacting us! I replyed you mail also. There are 2xSC-B3 still in stock...
David - United Kingdom: (12.05.2016 03:13 )
hello any SC-B3s available?
LÜM-TEC EUROPE: (07.05.2016 22:04 )
Dear Anton, thank you vm for your feedback! I sent you an E-mail. all the best wishes
ANTON - DEUTSCHLAND -: (05.05.2016 04:45 )
watch on my wrist and looking very gooood!! Sorry for so many e-mails of impatience!
LÜM-TEC EUROPE: (29.04.2016 17:51 )
Dear Geert, thank you for the motivational mail! and you are very welcome with the services. We are here to provide the help/assistance.
Geert from AUSTRIA: (29.04.2016 01:01 )
thank you for fast handling of my order!! I recieved it shortly before my birthdays!! Sent you the e-mail as well. please replay! keep up the good job!!
K&B time - LÜM-TEC EUROPE:: (07.04.2016 05:50 )
...and sure any feedback is important!!
K&B time - LÜM-TEC EUROPE:: (07.04.2016 05:50 )
Dear Kay, you are very welcome! Enjoy the watch in a good health!
Kay - Denmark / fan: (05.04.2016 04:24 )
Hi Fabian, just wanted to share that my M54 looks great! I hope my post helps! Thank you for the great service and great communication!
K&B time - LÜM-TEC EUROPE:: (29.01.2016 13:16 )
Dear Jürgen, thank you for contacting us! I sent you the E-mail with the instructions... Any questions, please contact us. We are here to help you.
Jürgen / DE: (27.01.2016 16:54 )
I think the anti-reflective coating on top dissolves
Jürgen: (27.01.2016 16:52 )
Hello Have on 11.21.2015 the clock M57 bought from you the clock face has big stain that looks not nice what can we do.The clock has Warranty
K&B time - LÜM-TEC EUROPE:: (17.01.2016 08:59 )
Dear Brian, thank you for contacting us. Yes. all movements are regulated and tested for the best performance...
Brian/uk: (16.01.2016 12:00 )
Hi do you regulate all of your miyota movements before shipment.. Thanks
K&B time - LÜM-TEC EUROPE: (16.01.2016 09:15 )
Dear Brian, thank you for your order! It will take 3 days for delivery to UK to your door.
Brian/Uk: (16.01.2016 01:26 )
Hi lumtec,ordered abyss 2 how long for postage to uk using ems express..
Brian/Uk: (16.01.2016 01:25 )
ALEX /fan from Netherlands/: (04.01.2016 11:47 )
great new year 2016 to you guys!! Keep up the good job!!
K&B time - LÜM-TEC EUROPE: (18.12.2015 08:48 )
Dear Bent, delivery to Denmark takes 3 working days... Any questions, please send us an E-mail:
Bent: (16.12.2015 21:39 )
Hi, how long takes delivery to Denmark?

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