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LÜM-TEC EUROPE:: (26.09.2016 14:32 )
Dear Marco, thank you for contacting us! Delivery to Austria takes only 2 woking days. It is fast shipment to your door...
Marco: (24.09.2016 22:05 )
Hello, how long takes delivery to Austria... I expect fast shipment... right?
LÜM-TEC EUROPE: (02.09.2016 09:28 )
Hi Mark, yes there are still M76s available... Please shoot us an
Mark - Ireland: (01.09.2016 09:18 )
Are there any M76s left? I read there are 85 pc produced...
LÜM-TEC EUROPE: (22.08.2016 10:21 )
Dear Dan, thank you vm for your feedback!! We appreciate your support!
DAN - GERMANY :): (19.08.2016 09:17 )
B33 GMT received! I LOVE IT! Thank you for the T-shirt!! I will write the review as we agreed!
LÜM-TEC EUROPE: (11.07.2016 11:46 )
Dear Rudora, yes, we do these things in our service center... Please send us an E-mail with more details:
Rudora: (09.07.2016 16:06 )
Hi there, I just bought an 2011 M16 and looking for the bezel to be polished with mirror finish and the external ar coating to be removed. Do you provide this kind of service within ue ? Thanks.
LÜM-TEC EUROPE: (08.07.2016 10:16 )
Dear Tobi, enjoy your watch and have lot of fun with it... Any questions, please let us know. We are here to help you.
Tobi - Deutschland: (07.07.2016 22:38 )
Hi Guys, just playing with my new watch (B21)! :) Very nice piece! Wish you all the best! Keep up the good job!!
LÜM-TEC EUROPE:: (13.05.2016 06:42 )
Dear David, thank you for contacting us! I replyed you mail also. There are 2xSC-B3 still in stock...
David - United Kingdom: (12.05.2016 03:13 )
hello any SC-B3s available?
LÜM-TEC EUROPE: (07.05.2016 22:04 )
Dear Anton, thank you vm for your feedback! I sent you an E-mail. all the best wishes
ANTON - DEUTSCHLAND -: (05.05.2016 04:45 )
watch on my wrist and looking very gooood!! Sorry for so many e-mails of impatience!
LÜM-TEC EUROPE: (29.04.2016 17:51 )
Dear Geert, thank you for the motivational mail! and you are very welcome with the services. We are here to provide the help/assistance.
Geert from AUSTRIA: (29.04.2016 01:01 )
thank you for fast handling of my order!! I recieved it shortly before my birthdays!! Sent you the e-mail as well. please replay! keep up the good job!!
K&B time - LÜM-TEC EUROPE:: (07.04.2016 05:50 )
...and sure any feedback is important!!
K&B time - LÜM-TEC EUROPE:: (07.04.2016 05:50 )
Dear Kay, you are very welcome! Enjoy the watch in a good health!
Kay - Denmark / fan: (05.04.2016 04:24 )
Hi Fabian, just wanted to share that my M54 looks great! I hope my post helps! Thank you for the great service and great communication!
K&B time - LÜM-TEC EUROPE:: (29.01.2016 13:16 )
Dear Jürgen, thank you for contacting us! I sent you the E-mail with the instructions... Any questions, please contact us. We are here to help you.

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